About Us

Founder: Kirsten K

   Roots & Wildflowers began in 2017, tucked away in my grandmother’s garden in Ajax Ontario. Our journey started as a florist; creating wedding floral’s and offering locally grown flowers to our community through a biweekly flower subscription. We created floral arrangements and supplied locally grown flowers for dozens of weddings, events, and special occasions over the first 3 years of our business. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people who included us in the celebrations of their milestones and special days, it was truly an honour for me.

In September of 2019 the silent half of my business, my mom, was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. I finished the last of our weddings for that season with the help of my spouse Tyler and decided to take a break from Roots & Wildflowers for an undecided amount of time to be present for my family. The months that followed were rough, as our world was so suddenly turned upside down with the rock of our family falling ill. Just as things were starting to look up and her health was improving, you can guess what worldwide event transpired.

After another blow and our lives yet again taking a turn, I took the summer to evaluate what was truly important to me. I realized that my health, my family's health, connecting with my community, and good food were at the top of my list. So I made a list of careers that still connected me to gardening and growing but combined all those other things. From that moment on I decided to take the plunge to apply back to school, to a program I had dabbled with the idea of years before.. Holistic Nutrition. 

I’m happy to say I’m almost finished with my program, with only co-op between me and my certification of becoming a Certified Natural Practitioner (CNP). I’m on track to graduate from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in the spring of 2023.

This website is a love letter to the path that got me here; graphic design and flower farming, and a place for new ideas and concepts I’ve learned about and am still learning along the way to blossom. I hope over the years to share with you how to successfully grow your own food, habits to live a holistic life, and generally how to nourish your family from the inside out.

So please join me on my journey to holistic wellness, recipe discovery, and of course more garden magic! I'm so happy you want to tag along for the ride.